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Miss Erica Kane plays 20 TRUE Questions with TRUE Mag

TRUE: You are mixed with a very interesting combination of Black, French, and Native Indian, do you consider yourself mostly black or do the other cultures stick out in your personality and background as well? If so, how do they show?

EK: I consider myself black a black woman foremost but I do embrace the other cultures in my bloodstream. My maternal great grandmother was from born of the Black Foot and Cherokee Indian Tribes and my paternal grandmother was French. It’s hard for me to deny these cultures as they are a part of who I am. The most significant attributes I possess is in my skin tone and my survival and warrior like attitude towards life.

TRUE: You were a flight attendant in the past and we all know that being a flight attendant, you must have your best face on at all times, tell us how that converts to the world of modeling for you

EK: I was a model before becoming a flight attendant and I would contribute being a flight attendant is what helped me become a better model. The fact that you’re always in the public eye as a flight attendant and it seemed the “camera” was never turned off it helped me develop poise, confidence, and the ability to adjust to being able to put on good face even when you don’t feel like it.

TRUE: You have also worked with the Floyd Mayweather Foundation, what did you do for them and how did you land that gig? Why did you leave?

EK: Yes I have worked with The Floyd Mayweather Foundation as a committee member for Joi’s Diamonds Girl Mentorship program during my two year stint living in Las Vegas. Joi is Floyd’s middle name. I started out as a volunteer for The Floyd Mayweather Boxing camp for young boys and girls in Las Vegas and the president of the foundation was impressed with my hard work and dedication and it went from there. I then became involved in mentoring, tutoring, event planning, community outreach in feeding the homeless on a biweekly basis and assistant coordinating. I left because there came a time I had to move back to Cali where I’m from to be near family and pursue personal professional goals in the arts. I am still in contact with my Money Team family.

TRUE: What were your roles in the movies Dreamgirls, the show Girlfriends, Style Her Famous on the Style Network, and the new VH1 show Bounce? How did you land those jobs? Which ones were the most fun and beneficial to your career?

EK: The roles I had were all mostly feature roles. The one I credit the most as giving me the most exposure is Style Her Famous. I still receive a lot of love from fans who enjoyed the episode I was on from Africa to Japan because the show was shown internationally via the Style Network. All in all they were all fun and very beneficial to helping me build my resume and credits in the industry. I land acting jobs through direct casting as well as having a commercial agent.

TRUE: Do you prefer acting over modeling? Which one is more challenging for you? Which is more fulfilling? and why?

EK: I really enjoy modeling. I respect the craft as more than just putting on a thong and laying across a bed and POW, you’re a model! There’s more to it and I not only can do lingerie and bikini modeling for the urban genre but commercial and fashion modeling as well where you’re in an entirely different setting. I also enjoy being a spokesmodel being I have a Communications/broadcasting background. Its hard to be taken serious as an actress if you’re only known to be an urban model. No shade on the industry but those are the hard facts and unfortunately because of the stigma associated with it not being “real” modeling and the over saturation of the urban modeling world according to some, I have to turn down some things in order to keep a balance in pursuing acting. They are equally challenging and fulfilling, but hosting helps the in the meantime between times when they come.

TRUE: Having the great Stevie Wonder as an uncle, how has that helped your career and the fields that you dab in? Has it ever hurt your career?

EK: Having Stevie Wonder as my uncle is really normal to me yet so unorthodox in terms of who he is. It’s hard to explain but on one hand he is just like that cool uncle you adore and can laugh and kick it with and on the other he just happens to be a super star. I do not rely on the status of my uncle to help my career yet I am proud of the fact that he is my uncle so it’s hard not to share because I’m truly blessed to have it as so. He is a wonderful man. No pun intended. I don’t know about help but it definitely hasn’t hurt my career in any way.

TRUE: Tell us about a time that you know where it was very beneficial to be connected to Stevie Wonder. Do you ever get tired of being referenced with him or do you use that to your advantage when you can?

EK: Truth be told, It’s always beneficial to be connected with someone who has respect in the industry but ultimately it’s up to an individual to make things happen for themself. Nobody can make your dreams come true until after you prove yourself and put in the work and even then some dreams are deferred so you just can’t give up or put all your trust in believing you don’t have to put in work. Everybody does. I do not indulge in telling everyone I come across the relationship unless it becomes impossible to hide because then I would be misrepresenting myself by not revealing the truth about who I am. There are some who call me mysterious but it’s mainly because I keep family business family business and I’m not in a normal everyday family where you can share things. I keep it all to myself.

TRUE: Often they say that you must make love to the camera when modeling, what is going through your head while the camera is snapping?

EK: It’s true you must connect with the camera while modeling and depending on your mood it is in a way making love to the lens. It really helps when you work with a great photographer who knows how to bring out the best in your mood and skills. I really love working with photographers like Courage at 2020 Photography because he keeps it business and while the camera is rolling I’m free to be me and drift into the erotic thoughts of my mind without being disrespected because he respects the art of photography and does not use his skills to try to catch dates.

TRUE: I’m sure that you come across a lot of men that are interested in getting with you while you are doing business, how do you keep your business and private life separate? Have you ever mixed business with pleasure? Tell us about a time that you have if so

EK: There are men who are interested in personal affairs in this business just like any other profession. As a flight attendant there are pilots, as an actress there are producers and directors and as a model there are photographers and you have to include the so called managers. It’s easy for me to keep it business because I know not everyone has your best interest at heart and I’m wise enough to know the difference. I once mixed business with pleasure and it was a disaster. I can’t reveal the details but I’ll never do it again unless I’m sure the person is my soul mate.

TRUE: Are you dating anyone currently? What will it take for you to settle down with someone?

EK: When a woman says she isn’t dating anyone specifically some will take that as she must be sleeping around especially if she looks good. There is one guy who captures my heart but time will tell where it goes. It will take all the right actions to be made and not just words to make me settle down and of course he has get approved by the family first. For one, my dad and Stevie aren’t having that! Not if they’re the ones who have to give me away and sing at the wedding! So whoever it is has to come correct.

TRUE: What are the first 3 features that you look for when a guy approaches you? Why do you think those are the first 3?

EK: The first three features I look at in a guy is his heart, the way he treats others and his belief in God. If a guy has a big heart and he considers me his Queen, the possibilities of a lasting relationship are endless. A guy who treats others with respect for no reason at all was raised right and that’s the guy for me. Any guy who puts his faith above all deserves my love.

TRUE: You are very thick in all the right places, do you work out? How do you keep so toned?

EK: I aim to workout everyday but sometimes it doesn’t happen so at least I get approximately 4 days a week in to keep toned. I do group hikes in the Hollywood Hills, I run, I do spin class and weight training. Squats and lunges keep my booty right.

TRUE: What 3 parts of your body do you get the most compliments on? What would you like to be complimented on more?

EK: At first sight I get complimented on my face. My eyes and smile in particular as well as my tiny waist and curvy backside proportion. I appreciate compliments because it lets me know I’m doing something right with taking care of myself and that’s not being conceited. I wish I could get complimented more on the intelligence of my brain but in an industry of sex, drugs, and rock n roll who’s really looking for that.

TRUE: Would you rather date a guy who is barely making it but treats you like a queen, or one that is very wealthy but doesn’t have much time for you? Why one over the other?

EK: It’s hard to say which one because I would think that a guy who is barely making it would never be home because he is out trying to make things happen just as the wealthy guy who has no time because he’s trying to maintain his wealth. I would definitely choose the one who treats me like a Queen regardless of his possessions. However being financially set doesn’t hurt either.

TRUE: What kind of person are you in the bedroom? Are you more dominant or submissive? Do you like it rough or gentle? How so and give us an example

EK: Lets just say I’m no wimp in the bedroom I’m passionate with everything I do. You would have to be my man for me to share how I like it. I must say there’s nothing like makeup sex and I miss you sex with your significant other.

TRUE: Place these acts in order of importance: the act of foreplay and how it’s done, the actual act of sex, or the cuddling after? Why did you put them in that particular order?

EK: 1. Cuddling
2. Foreplay
3. Actual sex
If you can’t cuddle with me you’re not getting my goodies point blank we have to be involved on that level or it’s a deal breaker. Foreplay is important because it shows respect and you’re out to please. No foreplay is a turn off and disrespectful to me. Actual sex is #3 but could be a tie with the #2 position because nobody likes bad sex!

TRUE: What do you normally do or how do you act after great sex? What do you do or how do you act when it’s wack?

EK: After great sex I’m in a state of euphoria. Like a natural high and it motivates me. After wack sex I’m just pissed I even went there and I’ll never go there again.

TRUE: Tell TRUE magazine fans something about yourself that you never told anyone, something good

EK: What can I tell TRUE fans exclusively about me? I clean up my place halfway naked in high heels and 2 pound ankle weights because it gives me a great leg workout!

TRUE: What 3 songs that are out right now would describe you the best and why those 3 songs?

EK: Beyonce “Dance For You” because it describes how this woman really appreciates all the love she receives from her man and it brings out the desire to satisfy him in every way where he’ll never have to find appreciation from another. I’m that type of woman.

Rihanna “Pour It Up” because she captured the essence of how it feels to have money on your mind and money isn’t always on my mind but the act of getting it is. So to see dolla signs is a great reminder of what the purpose is all about. To get it at the end of the day is what it’s about and most of the closest people in my life are massive money makers so it’s a celebratory way of saying that’s how we ball out. I can totally relate.

Miguel “Adorn” is my shit. It describes how a man should truly adorn a woman with his love by being affectionate and he pleads with her to just let his love adorn her. So many women are in or have been in abusive relationships and it’s a breath of fresh air to hear such remarkable lyrics and music that soothes a woman’s soul and not just booty poppin “I wanna sex you” songs. I like rap songs at a party or in my car on occasion but I’m into real music. Throw on some old school rap like LL Cool J or Tank, or R Kelly R& B song and it’s a wrap.

TRUE: What projects do you have coming up for the rest of 2013?

EK: For 2013 I have more acting up my sleeve, more modeling and a clothing line of leggings and fitness wear. Im also in the developmental stages of a TV show depicting the craziness that goes on as it pertains to my life being on a constant hustle to make it to the top in the industry of show business. I’m currently working with Hussle Mania Music comprising music for myself as an artist. That’s my plan but I know God has his plans and I could not have in a million years predicted my life would be as it is now. I’m in a great place and I’m just excited to see what happens next. Turn up time

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