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TRUE: Your big brown eyes and thick butter pecan thighs is what often catches the attention while your out and about, what other attributes and qualities do you possess that make you a FLY GIRL?

BL: My confidence, sex appeal, and personality allures people when they meet me. I’m confident but not presumptuous. I am tastefully sexy and my personality is fun and welcoming, that’s what makes me fly. I’m down to earth.

TRUE: Aside from modeling, you hold a degree in Broadcast Journalism, what do you want to do with that degree ultimately?

BL: Ultimately I aspire to be an entertainment reporter. I’d love to interview celebs on the red carpet as well as host reunion shows to some of your favorite reality shows.

TRUE: Do you think that the skills that you’ve learned in school while earning your degree helps your modeling career? If so, how so? Are they related in any way?

BL: One of the most important things that I’ve learned through my matriculation is patience. There were times I wanted to give up and questioned if completing college was really a part of my destiny. I’ve felt the same way about being a part of this industry. Most of the best things in life take time to develop.

TRUE: Coming from Oakland must have taught you a lot about being street smart, what do you think made you want to put education first in your life and not get caught up in the business of being ratchet?

BL: (laughs) Besides my family drilling the significance of education in me, higher learning was always in my plans as a child and teen. In this economy a high school diploma is just not enough when you are competing with those who have obtained a Bachelors and Masters Degree. For me, investing in my future was the only way to go.


TRUE: How did you get your start in modeling? What was your first gig and how did you land it?

BL: I attempted when I was 12 if that means anything (laughs). But when I entered college, I began to network, attend casting calls, and invested in my first professional photoshoot. Those images gave me the opportunity to be published online.

TRUE: In college, you were the Vice President of Mics and Models Agency, who did you manage and what do you think you pulled from that experience into leading your own career?

BL: I co-managed a few ladies from the Bad Girls Club season 10 & 11. The most beneficial I would say are the connections I have made. Building a rapport with people in the business is Imperative. From that opportunity I learned also to be leery of who you do business with.

TRUE: What were the 3 the most important lessons that you learned while managing other artists, models, and entertainers?

BL: 1) Be cautious of promoters. There are a lot of trifling, ruthless promoters out there
2) Don’t take shit from anyone. Be assertive when necessary
3) Always get the money up front. ALWAYS!

TRUE: From reading your bio, it seems that you may be a boss in everything that you do and you use your opportunities to their full advantage, what advice can you give up and coming models about managing the relationships that they have and maximizing their opportunities to get to the next level?

BL: Be true to who YOU ARE. Don’t focus on the notoriety of another model. Concentrate on you and your brand and how you can stand out. Your brand is your baby; be cautious of what you agree to put your name on. Invest in your career and make sure it’s of quality.


TRUE: What 3 physical attributes do you receive the most compliments on? What would you like to be complimented on more?

BL: I’m most complimented on my face, thighs and legs. I’m flattered to get compliments about my physique however, it would be refreshing to get just as many compliments on my intelligence. You can’t see how smart I am by just looking at me.. Kind of sucks! (laughs)

TRUE: Have you ever mixed business with pleasure? Do you think that it can ever turn out right? if so, what would it take to work, if not, why not?

BL: I haven’t and I wouldn’t recommend it. Until you’ve gotten what you need from this individual or reached a level in your career where you’re satisfied, then maybe you can consider “dating” someone you’re interested in. Sex isn’t worth interfering with your career.

TRUE: Are you dating anyone right now? What would be your ultimate kind of relationship? One where you were both into the same business or one where you could come home and relax with someone? why did you chose that option?

BL: I am not in a relationship. Both have their pros and cons. Someone in the same business would probably understand the lifestyle and how demanding it could be. Both would, or at least should be more comfortable and secure with their mate being around the opposite sex. If only I could have the best of both worlds.

TRUE: You must be a very busy person, what would be your ideal way to end a hard days work?

BL: My ideal way to end a hard day is to shower with a man that I love, enjoy Cali’s finest, and cuddle up together and watch Martin or (Law and Order) SVU.


TRUE: What kind of person are you in the bedroom? Do you like to be in control or submissive to your partner? why one over the other?

BL: I’m honestly both. I can be the dominant one slapping you telling you to “Shut the F*ck Up” or very submissive, surrendering to all your pleasure.

TRUE: What are the first 3 physical attributes that you look for when a man approaches you? why those 3?

BL: His hair, teeth, and hands. You can tell how well a man takes care of himself by his hair teeth and hands. I like a well groomed man.

TRUE: Are you a lights on or lights off kind of girl? Why would you prefer it this way?

BL: I like the lights off with a touch of illuminating light. There is something sexy and seductive about the dark but even more enticing to have a little light to only partially see your partner.

TRUE: Place these 3 actions in order of importance to you. Kissing and foreplay, the act of good sex, cuddling and bonding after? Why did you choose the order that you chose?

BL: 1) Cuddling and bonding after
2) Kissing and foreplay
3) The act of good sex

You can’t cuddle and bond with just anybody, at least I can’t. That intimacy is only meaningful with someone I care about, that’s the most important to me. Kissing and Foreplay is fun but even better with someone you like. The act of good sex can happen with anyone, like my damn self. (laughs)


TRUE: You must like to be in front of the camera, would you ever record yourself during a sexual encounter? Why or why not?

BL: I’m not down with ME per say being recorded. I wouldn’t want that footage to find its way into a strangers hands. However, I would record my partner enjoying my Southern cuisine (laughs)

TRUE: What turns you on and gets you in the mood?

BL: Random things turn me on! A freaky text or putting me in my place turns me on. A Man being a man, taking control of a situation turns me on.

TRUE: Tell TRUE magazine fans something about you that you have never revealed to anyone

BL: Girls are Fun! (wink)

TRUE: What projects or ventures are you working on for 2013?

BL: 2013 I will finally be launching my website. I will have some goodies on there. (wink)
Twitter & IG= @iamBRITNEYLOVE

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TRUE Questions with Fly Girl Britney Love. We touch on her career outside of modeling and her bedroom habits, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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