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TRUE gives Cali artist Ayo Mikeey the crown as this weeks I GOT NEXT feature artist

TRUE gives Cali artist Ayo Mikeey the crown as this weeks I GOT NEXT feature artist


TRUE: You rap, produce, and direct. Nowadays it is hard to find someone who does everything themselves and is actually good at it. Tell us what got you into all 3?

AM: Well, I first wanted to rap, but it’s hard to find good beats so I started making my own. I got better with time by watching YouTube tutorials and that definitely helped. After that, I picked up directing. I knew plenty of rappers that need videos, so ut was an easy way to make money. I feel like all 3 go hand in hand. You need all 3 to survive this industry. A lot of the time you run into money hungry people. I figured I’d cut out the middlemen and do it myself.

TRUE: Which one of these talents is more fulfilling to you and why?

AM: Definitely rapping. I love to produce and make videos for others, but there’s nothing better than someone vibing to your own shit.

TRUE: Your uncles were apart of the Ten City house band based out of Chicago, what did you learn from them that helped your career? Were you around them a lot when they were creating music?

AM: Stay away from drugs and groupies (laughs) They taught me that it’s a privilege to be seen, so make sure you show them what you got. I wasn’t around them much, but when I was it was like a concert. Between guitar, drums, piano, and singing they did it all. They showed me how to set up my beats. I was on my own after that.

TRUE: You began producing at 12, what equipment did you use back then? What do you use now?

AM: (laughs) Man, the first program I used was Hip Hop Ejay which is probably the most basic that you could use. Nowadays, I use Reason 5 and Fl Studio 10 and my Akai 25 midi keyboard.

TRUE: How did you hook up with Top Shelff Records? How is it working with one of our other I GOT NEXT artists Jayy Starr? What’s the chemistry like in the studio?

AM: Topp Shelff were looking at me and Jayy for a while. When they met us in person, they loved our work ethic and chemistry as a team. Me and Jayy go way back, since MySpace Music we’ve been best-friends. (laughs) When we’re in the studio it’s like kids in a candy store. Most of Jayys Mixtapes were recorded by myself. (yea, I engineer too) we really know how to uplift and make each other better when we record.

TRUE: What do you enjoy more, creating the music in the studio or performing on stage?

AM: Performing on stage. I love spazzing out on a track and controlling the whole vibe in the room. Making the whole crowd jump as the lasers move to your beat, there’s no better feeling.

TRUE: What other artists are you listening to right now? What is your favorite project that is out at the moment?

AM: I’ve got to show love to my nigga Curre$y, New Jet City was a dope mixtape. The other artists that I’m feeling are A$ap Rocky, Smoke DZA, Schoolboy Q, and Buccc Strictland.

TRUE: Being a producer and a rapper, do you ever find it difficult or conflicting to be in the studio with other artists? Do you ever have disagreements on how you want your beats to be rapped over or how you want your song to flow?

AM: (laughs) Man I’ve heard some terrible tracks on my beats. If I sold the track I don’t care much, because its money in my pocket. In the studio it’s all fun, as long as you have a positive environment for the song you’re creating, you cant let petty things get in the way. At the end of the day ITS BUSINESS.

TRUE: Tell TRUE magazine fans something about yourself that you have never told anyone

AM: I had Mcdonalds one time at like 10 years old. It gave me the shits. Lets just say I didn’t make it home. I Blamed the Dog. (laughs)

TRUE: What about your music and sound separates you from other artists based out of LA?

AM: I feel like I’m different because I’m not the typical “Hip Hop” or “Jerk/Ratchet Music” coming out of Cali right now. I feel like if you create the right songs, ages from 1-100 will love them, so that’s what I go for. I call my tracks “Vibes” because I want to take people on a trip. My words would be the art and my beats as the Easel.

TRUE: Where do you eventually want rap to take you? What other fields of entertainment are you interested in pursuing?

AM: I want to be at the Grammys someday as a rapper or producer, that’s what we live for. I’ve shot a few commercials and documentaries, but I feel it would be dope to shoot a movie. Grammys and Oscars coming soon?

TRUE: What projects do you have coming up for 2013?

AM: I’m releasing my new mixtape “unROOLIE” 2 this summer. I’m also working alongside artist Buccc Strictland creating a clothing line. #idgafco

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TRUE gives Cali artist Ayo Mikeey the crown as this weeks I GOT NEXT feature artist, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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