Digital Fly Girl — 04 February 2013

Glo Monroe. We sat down & spoke with Ms. Monroe about how she got into the modeling scene, what makes her turn into a BEAST in the bedroom, what she first notice when she sees a guy & much more. Fellas, Take notes if you need them and check out the interview below with the lovely Ms. Monroe.

TRUE: Tell us how long you have been modeling and what got you started

GM: I started modeling 5 months ago when I moved to Atlanta. I called a photographer and said I’m not a model I just want to take some sexy pictures. After the photo shoot my pictures were amazing!! The photographer said you need to model

TRUE: What perks do you think you can get from being a model? How do you separate yourself from other models out there?

GM: Some perks that I get from modeling are; I get paid to host events, gain free access to events, and I become well known. I separate myself from other models by just being me. I’m different… A laid back and down to earth type of girl.

TRUE: You are very stacked in all the right places, Do you ever get tired of men only wanting a piece of you? How do you handle all of the all of the men approaching you?

GM: I never get tired of attention. I don’t mind them wanting a piece of me. It let’s me know that I got what they want (laughs) I’m a very friendly and sometimes I may come off as a flirt. So I handle them with good conversation or a nice let down.

TRUE: You seem like you are very comfortable with the camera, would you ever pose nude? Why or why not?

GM: I think I’ll eventually pose nude because I’m very comfortable with my body

TRUE: They say that you must be able to make love to the camera as a model, tell us what gets you in the mood for a shoot? What are you thinking of what the pictures are snapping?

GM: Some good music, especially Future gets me in the mood for a shoot. When the pictures are snapping, I’m thinking of several different things to produce the image I want. Whether it be relaxing on the beach or getting wild in the bedroom.

TRUE: What do you think about butt injections and breast implants? Would you ever get them? Why or why not?

GM: I’m for butt injections and breast implants. If it’s going to enhance your body and give you that extra hump, you need go for it. I would get both.

TRUE: What physical assets do you get the most compliments on? What would you like to be complimented on more?

GM/font color>: I get the most compliments on my breast and face. I’d like to be complimented more on my butt and abs.

TRUE: What 3 words would best describe you in the bedroom? Give us an example of why you picked each word

GM: 3 words to describe me in the bedroom are freaky, adventurous, and pleasure. I’m a freak in the bed. I enjoy anything that relates to sexual pleasure. I’m also adventurous and I’m willing to try anything. There’s a new adventure everytime. You never really know what you’ll get. With pleasure, I produce sexual enjoyment where a sexual climax is achieved and I get self gratification.

TRUE: What kind of person would you describe yourself as, submissive or dominant? Why one over the other?

GM: I would say dominant. I like to take control while you follow my lead. I’m the HBIC. (Laughs)

TRUE: They say that every woman gets strung out over the D at one point in their life, have you experienced that yet? Do you think that is good or bad?

GM: I have been strung out over the D. Whew, I think it’s terrible. It had me doing things I would never do.

TRUE: Place these words in order of importance and tell us why you chose that order: Rough Sex, Foreplay, Cuddling

GM: Foreplay, rough sex, cuddling. I think sexual arousal is important. Get me aroused and its on. Straight penetration, then hold me until we fall asleep.

TRUE: What physical attributes do you normally notice first when a guy approaches you? What about those certain attributes turns you on?

GM: The physical attributes that I notice first when a guy approaches me are appearance, teeth, and smell. These things make my heart melt

TRUE: Have you ever been approached by a woman? Ever thought about being with one? How would you handle is if you were?

GM: Yes, I’ve been approached by a woman. No, it’s never crossed my mind to be with a woman, I like the D too much.

TRUE: What drives you wild in the bedroom?

GM: Some good head drives me wild and turns me into a beast

TRUE: Tell our fans 3 things about you that you have never told anyone else

GM: Fans listen: Sometimes I sleep with my Raggedy Ann doll “Andy” it makes me sleep better. I’m afraid of dogs. I practice what I’m going to say before I say it.

TRUE: If you were to take a guy out on a date, what would you do during the night? How would it start and end?

GM: I would treat him to dinner and a movie then he could have me for dessert. It would start by us going out for dinner and end by him coming home for dessert.

TRUE: What 3 songs that are out right now best describe you?

GM: Rihanna ft Future “Love Song” Alicia keys “Girl on Fire” and  “Astronaut chick” by Future

TRUE: What projects do you have coming up for 2013?

GM: In 2013 I plan on launching my own website.

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