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EMO TRIPPIN: Hip Hop’s most emotional songs

EMO TRIPPIN: Hip Hop’s most emotional songs

We have all been there at one time or another. Experiencing heart ache or heart throb, feeling joyful and appreciated or miserable and regretful, contemplating to fight through or pull out. When it comes to music and celebrities, there is no difference. Surely we have been told at the time of heart ache to hold back and never show them that you are hurting. But in some cases of music, this same heartache may lead you to a top 10 hit. Look at Keisha Cole and how she pours her heart out on records. There are many rappers that have made hit records stemming from their pain or their success in a relationship. We are all taught not to show how siked we are when we are intrigued by someone, how not to let it show too much in fear of scaring them away or just feeling lame. We are also taught to keep our feelings private when dealing with heart ache. Well, These artists listed couldn’t help themselves and it turned out ok for them. And now, TRUE magazine presents: Songs for emo trippin!


Method Man ft Mary J Blige- All I Need

LL Cool J – I Need Love

The Roots ft Erykah Badu – You Got Me

UGK ft Outkast – International Players Anthem

Slick Rick – Teenage Love

LL Cool J – Hey Lover

Nelly ft Kelly Rowland – Dilemma

Eve – Love Is Blind

A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

T.I. – Whatever You Like

Nelly ft Jaheim – My Place


Kanye West – Heartless

Jay Z _ Song Cry

Method Man ft D’Angelo – Break Ups to Make Ups

Ghostcface Killah ft Carl Thomas – Never Be the Same Again

Bow Wow – Outta My System

P Diddy ft Usher & Loon – I Need A Girl pt 1

Lost Boys – Renee

Drake – Find Your Heart

Wale – The Break Up Song

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