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10: YOLO

I place this at # 10 because it is pretty much dead already. After being said by Drake in his hit single “The Motto” it was very short lived and used EVERYWHERE. When we think of it, who actually thought that we could live twice, right? As of now, YOLO has converted to a word to mock something done stupidly. This tells us that people are tired of hearing it and it being an excuse to do something dumb. I just spent my rent money in the club, YOLO! I just went raw in some chick, YOLO!, I cheated on my boyfriend/girlfriend YOLO! so, BANG BANG your dead YOLO. With every style that makes it way back around in our culture, let’s see if you can live twice after all YOLO.


We all know that this word is what everyone WANTS to be, but some are in no position to use it as they do. You are not a boss, just because you got the hook up to get inside the club. A boss is someone who is an overseer, someone who makes the final decision when a big decision needs to be made. I think that since Rick Ross came out using it so much, that it is stuck in peoples heads that that’s the ultimate thing to be. Who can blame us though, we all want to have authority and power. We all want to be “the man” but we all can’t be the biggest BOSS that we’ve seen thus far. So as real bosses must do, ready, aim, FIRE


Now, this word I think is a bad influence on our youth. Every other day there are children popping their asses in some youtube video. We sit back and know it’s a shame, yet we still click that link to watch it and send to our friends. Most likely, we only say it’s a shame because we know that people will view us differently if we encouraged it. Don’t get me wrong, dancing is one of the best forms of expression that we have as a culture. Lets face it, hip hop lives in the club. That is why the club songs get airplay and the conscious songs get no respect nowadays. Now, we have young girls all over the place trying to show the “ballers” what they are twerkin with. I say, shoot this word right in the ass as it’s popping


Now first off, this word should be shot because of its double meaning. At least I thought that it had a double meaning. Let’s break it down. A few years back, ratchet meant only one thing, a gun. Within the last few years, it’s become the new word for “chickenhead” or to describe something ghetto. Mostly used to describe either an action that is done in bad taste by a woman, or a woman herself, ratchet is becoming the most cross used word in our urban language. On several occasions, I’ve even heard a woman use it to describe herself or something positive that she is proud of, no bueno. If it takes on another meaning within the next year, I’ll have to pull out my ratchet and shoot it myself.


Don’t we all wish that we had some of this? Every since rappers started using this word to refer to weed, every Tom, Dick, and Raheem wants to consider what they are smoking is “loud.” The sad thing about this word is that not everyones weed is good. You may just be smoking on some reggie and not even know it. It went from being used to describe good weed, to being used to describe weed in general. Don’t let me start talking about Kesha, sheesh! Remember when this word was used to describe a bright outfit that someone was wearing not too long ago? Well, those days are over. So fellas, make sure when you use the word LOUD when referring to weed, that your loud is loud enough to be called loud. In the meantime, lets shoot it anyway


Every female considers themselves to be a “bad bitch” even if she is not too easy on the eyes. First off, you cannot describe yourself as a bad bitch, you let someone else describe you like that. It is not a self stamp that we can give ourselves. A bad bitch keeps herself done up and looking fresh. You cannot label yourself this if your weave is old and raggedy, and your clothes are recycled from last weeks club outing. Second, I think that many men also misuse this word when speaking of a female. We have to learn to differentiate between a “bad bitch,” and a female that we are just sexually attracted to. After all, a word can’t just change depending on how many drinks that we have during the course of the night. This word itself it just bad, and not bad meaning bad, OR bad meaning good.


Ok, lets break this word down. I won’t even get on the fact of it having the infamous “N Word” as I hate to say, but what is it really used for? Lets say that your homie shot 4 people over a dice game? Would you not think that is just stupid if you read about it in the paper and it was someone else? Lets set the record straight, a real n*gga is NOT someone who is willing to do something dumb at any given time. A real n*gga is someone who can stand up and do what’s right when he knows that everyone else will criticize him. Someone who stands up and gains respect by doing what’s right. Just like the phrase “bad bitch” you cannot label yourself a “real n*gga” it just has to be said by someone else. Being real is not about still hanging out with people that are doing nothing just because you grew up with them. Being real is not about going to jail in order to prove a point. So, I think that the real word that needs to be shot in this phrase is the word “real” but for equal opportunity purposes, lets shoot them both.


I talk about this word all the time with my peers. We all give weed a pass as being a drug, because we know that it has never killed anyone and is practically harmless. Lately, we cannot get away from the word molly for nothing. I don’t understand why no one mentions sniffing coke in their rhymes, but yet mollies are in every other line and used as a way to say that you are having extra fun and feeling good. If you pop one of these and you are sweating, it probably means that you need to call your doctor. You know those medicine commercials that are filled with more side effects than actual benefits? I think that in the songs that they are mentioned in, we need to say those same side effects in the verse as well. Don’t get it confused kids, no matter how much fun you think you are having in the club, mollies are drugs too. Anything that puts a hole in your brain from too much use needs to be shot with the ratchet, and I mean the original one.


Don’t we all wish that we had something about ourselves that people can envy? well, not everyone does. The most conflicting thing about this word is that a lot of people that say that people are “hating” on them actually don’t have anything to be hated on for. Just because someone is giving you their honest opinion about something, doesn’t mean that they are hating on you. Remember when your mother used to say that hate is a strong word? well in this case, its a little bit too strong. I think that in order to be hated on, first you must be envied. To be envied, you need to be or have something that people want for themselves. No one is hating on you just because you did something dumb that you don’t want to be criticized about. So, before I shoot this word, I won’t say that I hate it, I’ll say that I strongly dislike it.


Now, onto numero uno. THE most overused word of the decade. Just think of this, there is a deodorant named “Swagger” that is on our shelves as you read this. Actually, someone probably brought this deodorant just because of this name thinking that it will do something different to their body odor. We all have seen the phrases, “swag is for boys, and class is for men.” If we all know this, why do we still use the word if we all strive to be men? (or women) The fact is, that most people that say they have swag, don’t actually have any at all. Swag is more of a mind state then just an outfit. It’s something that is born into your demeanor, not just looking fly. I think that this is another word that is just wishful thinking. Good thing about this word is, I think that it was already on its way out. However, let me help shoot it again to make sure it doesn’t return. We all know that in movies, the last bad guy needs to be killed at least twice anyway.

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