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Model Taryn Lyymon plays 20 TRUE questions with us and earns the title of our next Fly Girl


TRUE: You are mixed with Italian, black, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee Indian, which of those cultures do you identify with the most and can you give us an example of how you identify with the others?

TL: I identify with my Italian culture more because I speak Italian fluently and I hear that I have an Italian attitude, whatever that means. I identify myself with the other cultures I’m mixed with by being around certain family members growing up. I learned a lot about all of my cultures and who I am.

TRUE: You have only been modeling for a year, tell us what made you want to get into it and how has your view of the modeling game changed since you started?

TL: I got into modeling because I love the art of modeling and I wanted to create my own. I love being able to speak through my pictures. My views on modeling has changed for the good by seeing people really bring out what modeling is about. I can also say my views on modeling are negative to some. Models aren’t in it to create art, they’re in it for the wrong attention.

TRUE: Do you enjoy being a radio personality more than you do modeling? Tell us how one career helps the other if it does

TL: I do love being a radio personality the same way I love modeling.They both allow me to promote both talents through one another.


TRUE: You are also interested in opening your own business, what kind of business would that be?

TL: I actually want to build my own empire, starting with a clothing line, and a modeling agency of my own.

TRUE: Do you go out a lot or are you more of a home body? What are the benefits of each?

TL: I am definitely more of a homebody. I rarely go out, but of course that changes when you are an entertainer.Going out brings exposure, connections, possible friendships, and possibly great opportunities.

TRUE: They say that you need to be able to make love to the camera to be a model, tell us what do you think about to make you comfortable with the camera

TL: It is very important to make love to the camera. I usually think about words like sensual, rawr,sexy , intimate, delightful, touch, and skin while shooting and being which outs my reactions to those words.


TRUE: Would you ever pose nude? What do you think would make you feel comfortable enough to do so?

TL: I have posed nude before once which only my silhouette was visible. I can’t say that I wouldn’t do it again, but more than likely who knows. I love being creative. One thing that would make me more comfortable is if my photographer was quiet (no crazy comments) and a gay male or simply a female.

TRUE: What do you think about booty injections and breast implants? Would you ever get them for yourself?

TL: I do not judge people with buttocks/breast jobs. I feel if someone wants to make changes to their own bodies, let them. Would I get implants of any sort ? no, it’s just not for me. I like keeping it natural.

TRUE: Do you think modeling and sex have a direct connection? If so, how are they related? if not, how can you separate the 2?

TL: Yea, modeling does have a direct connection with sex.They say sex sells and models (runway,commercial, editorial, urban etc) will bring that out!


TRUE: What turns you on about a man? What are 3 physical traits that you look for first?

TL: I get turned on by how creative a mans mind is and is hustle techniques.The 3 physical traits I look for first are 1.respectable 2. Family oriented 3. Hustler

TRUE: Being on the radio, you have to have a sexy voice somewhat. Have you ever had phone sex? Would you try?

TL: I can say that I never had phone sex, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t one day.

TRUE: Tell us about the lamest thing that a guy has ever done to get with you

TL: The lamest thing a guy has done to get with me is played the role of a friend for years, always gave negative feedback on other males and then tried to make a move on me.

TRUE: What physical attribute do you get complimented on the most? What would you like to be complimented on more?

TL: The physical attribute I get complimented on most are my eyes. I would like to get complimented on my personality more than anything.

TRUE: What kind of girl are you in the bedroom? Do you like to be in control or submissive? and why one over the other?

TL: It depends on the guy as far as what type of a girl I am in the bedroom. I would say that I am more submissive than wanting to be in control, but at times I’m both. I feel I’m submissive mostly because I like a guy to “try to get me in line.”

TRUE: Tell TRUE magazine fans 3 things about you that you have never told anyone else

TL: 3 things I never told anyone are that I’m a very paranoid person. Another one has to be that I hate meeting new people and have to do the date thing. Last but not least, I dance in the mirror every time I get out of the shower.


TRUE: What 3 songs that are out now describe you the best and why?

TL: The latest 3 songs that describe me are, Kendrick Lamar -Poetic Justice, The Weeknd- Wicked Games and French Montana -9000 Watts.These songs describe me best because they reveal beauty,pain, cockiness, and hustle, which are what I consist of .

TRUE: There must be a lot of guys that try to get with you from your modeling, how do you keep your business and personal life separate?

TL: I keep my business and personal life seperated by simply keeping my personal life, family, and close ones personal. Only the rest stay business and I take care of that at the proper time.

TRUE: Are you dating anyone right now? How long has your longest relationship been?

TL: No, I am not dating anyone at the moment. My longest relationship lasted 2 years.


TRUE: Have you ever been approached by a woman? Are you into women? How would you handle it is one approached you?

TL: Yes, I get approached by women all of the time. I am not into women like that, but when they approach me I flirt, talk reckless, and keep it moving.

TRUE: What do you have in store for 2013?

TL: I have a lot in store for 2013 which will be reintroducing who Taryn Lyymon actually is and revealing a lot more of my talents. y8x5mzzO5wk

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