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TRUE Magazine Sits With Fly Girl Crystal Dior!



TRUE: First off myself and our readers would like to know is all that goodness(your body) natural/all yours?

Crystal Dior:Yes

TRUE: Where are you from/where were you born?

Crystal Dior:I was born and raised in Washington which is where I still live.

TRUE: What turns you on/off?

Crystal Dior:Turn on would be stilettos, tattoo’s, confidence.  Turn offs bad breath, arrogance & lack of ambition.

TRUE: What lets you know if you are interested in a guy or not?

Crystal Dior:If there is chemistry or interest between us.

TRUE: Have you ever had a one night stand?

Crystal Dior:No.


TRUE: What is your signature; what physical feature do you get complimented on the most?

Crystal Dior:My eyes & hair but most of all my booty. =)

TRUE: What do you have going on now? Any up coming projects you want to talk about?

Crystal Dior:You’ll see me in the next issue of Mixed Flavor magazine, Touch Magazine and Enfluenz Magazine. I have several events coming up soon also—follow me on twitter to keep up to date! Or you can see what I’m up to on my website

TRUE: What were you like in your younger years when dealing with boys?

Crystal Dior:I had a few boyfriends when I was younger but was always choosy. Which is how all dolls should be!

TRUE: What’s the corniest thing a guy has ever tried to do to get with you?

Crystal Dior:I can’t think of anything corny, usually people are really sweet.

TRUE: Would you prefer a thug who handles his business, or a nice guy who works a 9-5?

Crystal Dior:I don’t care what kind of job a man has or anything, if you’re nice & treat me right that’s all that matters.

TRUE: Do you like to be in control in the bedroom?

Crystal Dior:Hmm that all depends on the day and my mood…

TRUE: What is your favorite position?

Crystal Dior:That’s for him to know. Haha!


TRUE: Do you enjoy most, pleasing or being pleased?

Crystal Dior:I enjoy both!!!!

TRUE: What is your take on social media?

Crystal Dior:It awesome especially for networking.

TRUE: What do you think it will take for you to settle down?

Crystal Dior:Prince Charming.

TRUE: Are you ever approached by women?

Crystal Dior:Of Course! By some of the sweetest girls.


TRUE: Would you ever approach a guy you were interested in? If so, how?

Crystal Dior:I’ve never had to; if a guy is interested he will approach me. I’m kind of traditional in that sense and still believe that’s the man’s role.

TRUE: Have you ever met and dated someone from over the internet?

Crystal Dior:No.

TRUE: How can our readers learn more/stay up to date with you?

Crystal Dior:Follow me on TWITTER @MissCrystalDior

Visit me on my website

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