TRUEMAG catches up with The Finnaticz

TRUEMAG catches up with The Finnaticz


True Magazines catches up with West Coast group, The Finnaticz, to discuss upcoming productions, the success of their single, and what it has been like staying true to themselves and doing what they love. Do no not forget to follow them on Twitter to up to date with their latest music!



TRUE: What’s name of your group and each group members name and what city they represent?

Finatticz: We’re The Finattcz and we’re all from the East Side of Los Angeles. The group members are Killa and EZ.

TRUE: How did the group get together and what is the concept behind the group name?

Finatticz: I actually put the group together in 2008 and we met at The Hollywood Bar and Grill. I’m a fan of music and a fan of money so it’s a good name. It was something that stood out.

TRUE: So tell us about your success thus far in the music industry?

Finatticz: Our hit single is “Don’t Drop that Thun Th Thun”. The song has had a remix with Tyga; The Game and Chris Brown were about to do it. We did the Careless World Tour with Tyga. We just got sign to E One. We did a song with Ray J as well.

TRUE: How do you guys feel about artists that you listen to and respect remixing a song that you have made?

Finatticz: It’s almost too good to be true.

TRUE:  Tell us about the success of your single “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” and what feedback have you gotten from fans and people in the music industry?

TRUE: People want to know what exactly is a “Thun Thun” and where did the name come from?

Finatticz:  A “Thun Th Thun” is whatever turns you up. So whatever that is just don’t drop it; keep it up!

TRUE:  Being a part of Entertainment One which is known for its diversity amongst the entertainment industry is there any other field of entertainment that you guys would like to get into and why?

Finatticz:  We would like to get into acting and modeling.

TRUE: Why would acting be another form of entertainment that you are interested in?

Finatticz: When I was in High School and Junior High I was always in plays so that kind of stuck with me.

TRUE: Do you feel that when you are on stage you get into character to perform?

Finattcz: We’re the same people on stage and on the record as we are on the streets. What we rap about is what we live and there’s no sugar coating what we do.

TRUE: Why is it important for entertainers to be the same on stage and in person?

Finatticz: Definitely, we have to stay true to our fans. If people look at us as pretenders it would be false advertisement. It’s about us saying what we do and we do it.

TRUE: Tell us what happens when you guys are at an event or out somewhere and “Don’t Drop that Thun Th Thun” comes on?

Finatticz: The club goes crazy! People recognize who we are because of the internet buzz so they’ll ask for our autographs and talk to us. That’s why now I just keep a Sharpie pen in my pocket. (Laughs)

TRUE: What experience has opened your eyes to the dark side of the music industry?

Finatticz:  Honestly, we have done no wrong yet. We’ve been so blessed from God and my mom up there they’ll have definitely been looking out for us. We haven’t been having any problems; everything has been going great. Hopefully things will stay that way. We have a great deal, we’re getting booked for shows, and just everything has been going great.

TRUE: What projects are you guys currently working on?

Finatticz: Right now we got a mix tape coming out called Ratchets R Us and that is by Dj Carisma of Power 106.We’ll be dropping another mix tape for the summer called F Gang or Nothing Vol. 2.

TRUE: Are there any features on your mix tape and is there anyone you had in mind to be featured?

Finatticz: We have Ty$, Cali Swagg, Tyga, we have Compton Roscoe, and we have the rest of The Finatticz.

TRUE: So there is The Finatticz and then there is the Finattic Gang?

Finatticz: Yes, The Finatticz is Killah and EZ; there is like 9 of us in the Finattic Gang. It’s a hot song that’s buzzing in the streets right now by the Finattic Gang. We’re trying to sponsor everybody to build the name up and get people out there.

TRUE: What is the number one rule when you are out there grinding, getting your music out there, and networking?

Finatticz: I would say it’s performing. Sometimes artists may come out with several songs and try to push all those songs but you cannot really do that. We made our hit single three years ago and have been pushing that song, performing, and getting our name out there. Although it’s a party song we are real rappers and people will get chance to hear what we are really coming with on our album and mix tapes. We’re real lyrical West Coast rappers.

TRUE: Where can we find your music?

Finatticz: Our music can be found on Youtube and at You can follow us on Twitter at Its @killa_f, @ezthegreat00, and our Finatticz page is @Finatticz_inc

Interviewed by : Brittani Blackwell

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