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Rising Baltimore artist Storee Interviews with TRUE magazine

Rising Baltimore artist Storee Interviews with TRUE magazine

Storee is an Artist from Baltimore, Maryland who’s father once produced for M.O.P. It is clear to see that music runs right through his blood. Storee Started rapping at 17 and only a year later put out his first mixtape “Desperate Decapitation.” With the success from his first mixtape in his midst he was able to put out a very successful second mixtape titled “Toy Storee 2″ which landed him a performance at SXSW. He is currently working on a Mixtape as well as an Album. We had the opportunity to talk to him about his movement.

is it a burden or a blessing to have a father who is a producer?

Well, being that I don’t really have a good relationship with him it hasn’t really helped me get anywhere music wise or career wise. So, I would say neither. But it does show me where I get my musical talent and passion from. On the career note it hasn’t really been either. But I did actually get the chance to chill with MOP when they were on the G-UNIT tour when I was 13. So, that was chills.

other than sxsw where have you performed?

I performed at Bowie, Frostburg, couple places in the city but nothing too crazy.

What do you enjoy the most? Performing or being in the studio and why?

Damn that’s OD. I would have to say right now studio because it is me in my rarest form. I am creating, brainstorming, bouncing ideas off of people, I might be smoking, I’m just really in the zone.

Where do you come up with ideas for tracks?

Everyday life. Usually everyday something crazy happens to me. Even if it’s something small or something insignificant or if it was clever or cool I might take that and make a song. It could be something that could happen to anyone but it happened to me. So I’m going to write about how I reacted to that situation. I don’t even pick up a pen unless I have something insane to say. Something that nobody has said or nobody has really touched on. Or it might be an experience that I know no one else has been through but me. But they may have been through something


Follow Storee on twitter @ImVincentChase

-Rebecca Cruz (@creepitreal_)


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