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Rap Drama: Lil Wayne Says “Fuk Pusha T” over Pusha’s Exodus 23:1 Track

DRAMA – Seem like Pusha T’s “Exodus 23:1″ track got people talking & guessing for answers but the one that spoke is what answer it all. Cash Money’s Capo, Lil Wayne took to his twitter early this morning (May 24th) and tweeted “Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em“. (Official Tweet below)


The tweet was in response to Pusha T’s “Exodus 23:1″ song that had fans guessing that he was talking about Cash Money Artist, Drake with lyrics like “You’re signed to a nigga thats signed to a nigga thats signed to 3 other niggas“. Are we going to see a Rap Beef for 2012 or Are we going hear the regular “I was hacked” excuse that most entertainers say when dealing with Twitter.

Either way it goes if your a Rap Fan, You know this back & forth drama between these two has been long over due since the Bathing Ape days. Lets hope we see a nice rap battle for once. We’ll keep you updated on this as it goes down but meanwhile Check out Pusha T’s Exodus 23:1 song below.

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Rap Drama: Lil Wayne Says "Fuk Pusha T" over Pusha's Exodus 23:1 Track, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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