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TRUE magazine talks with Toronto rapper Price

TRUE magazine talks with Toronto rapper Price
Price is a Soccer prodigy turned talented rapper. At a young age Price was recognized for his talents as a soccor player in Toronto Canada. it wasn’t long before he realized his talent went further than the field. Currently the co-founder of Dot Boys Movement alongside Sir Gabe. He has also dropped a mixtape titled “Lite Work” that is definitely worth a listen with tracks like “Ear To The Streets” and “Everywhere We Go.” True Mag was able to chat with Price about his grind.

You were always a dreamer but you started off with soccer how did that translate to hip hop? 

Normally when I would travel for soccer me and my friends would freestyle in our hotel rooms and what not to pass time. So we just started putting the words to paper and getting better and better.

when did you know that you wanted to be a rapper and not a soccer player 

Soccer will always be my first passion and I have achieved so much in the sport that I will never actually stop soccer all together. I have just found this new passion for music that I hope I can now share with the world.

How did it feel to have success at such a young age? 

It felt pretty good. People are all always striving to achieve many things, so it’s nice to know you’ve achieved so much so young.

What would you be doing if you weren’t into music?

I would continue to play soccer.

You have been influenced by music from other countries, what foreign artists have you been most influenced by?

Well one of new friends Redrama out of Finland is a big influence for me. Also I’m a huge K-Koke fan.

How do you think your environment has shaped your music?

If you listen to most of music it incorporates a lot about planes, flying and although being from Toronto, always have a home somewhere else. This is a testament to my soccer environment and the fact that I move around the world pretty often. SO I feel this has shaped the way in which I view the world and relay to my music.

You just released a mix tape late 2011 how has things been changing around you since you’ve dropped it?

Things have been great. My boy Sir Gabe has been organizing huge plans for the Dot Boys Movement and we definitely have something for the world some 2013

What are your top 5 songs on the radio right now?

Ear to the Streets, Its Complicated, Hustler, Sky Dome, Millions.

Are you looking to expand and sign artists of your own?

Right now I’m just focusing on my craft and increasing my fan base. But signing other artist is some me and the Dot Boys Movement Co-Ower Sir Gabe certainly have thought about for the future.

 Are you working on any new music for the summer?

Right now I looking for beats and starting to write for my upcoming mixtape. Shout out to any producers with bangers!!

 if so, will it be a different sound than the mixtape you have now?

The sound I’m going for is similar to the last mixtape.

what is the music scene in Toronto like? 

The music is taking off. It definitely has the potential to be something very special in the coming years.

How are you taking your success and helping people in Toronto?

I plan to build the Dot Boys Movement profile such that aspiring rapper in Toronto will have a group to represent. Hopefully I can create some time of infrastructure in Toronto so the new good rappers will have an avenue.

what do you do when you feel the stress of the music industry? 

I let my boy Sir Gabe handle the industry mostly. I try to focus on my craft and spreading my music to the world.

How would you want to be remembered after your career?

Hopefully as a game changer. As someone who has made his mark on the world and is someone to be looked up to.

-Rebecca Cruz (@creepitreal_)

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