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TRUE magazine presents Oakland beauty Kara Anderson as our #FLYGIRL

TRUE magazine catches up with Oakland’s Kara Anderson.  Giving fans a classy taste of what you get when mixing beauty, brains, and the Bay


TM:  How is the modeling scene in Oakland vs L.A.?

KA: There isn’t really a modeling scene in Oakland. 
TM:  I see you attended college; what was major? What made you select that field?
KA: My major was merchandising. I selected that field because I wanted to deal with fashion. 
TM: Where/what college do you attend in L.A.? What made you select this institution/college? Are you the popular girl on campus?
KA: I attended Cal State Northridge. I also took courses at other schools as well. I went there because it was a diverse university in the Los Angeles area. I don’t really know if I was popular.  
TM:  Do you feel it is important as a model to have a certain level of education?
KA: Yes I do, because education last forever. 
TM: Would you recommend having a back up plan in case modeling does not work out?
KA: Yes. 
TM: As a model what do you feel is your most important/stand out feature about yourself?
KA: My eyes that’s what people in the industry have told me. 
TM: What is it that you enjoy most about the entertainment/model world?
KA: Being able to work different people. 
TM:  Who is your female influence?(model you look up to/respect.)
KA: A model that I respect is Adriana Lima.
TM:  I see you have been involved in various projects/campaigns. What designers and companies have you worked with? What brands/campaigns have you been a part of?
KA: I have worked with various companies such as clothing lines and cosmetic lines. 
TM:  What type of modeling are you into/prefer?
KA: I prefer commercial and advertisement/ promo modeling. 
TM:  What made you get into modeling/aspire to be a model?
KA: People have always told me that is what I should do so I did it. 
TM:  What type of projects have you been apart of/worked on? And what projects are you working on any now?
KA: I’ve worked on various projects in the past. Currently I was working on my posters and website now. 
TM:  In modeling what do you want your legacy to be? Examples: Tyra Banks is known for her forehead. Naomi Campbell is known for her walk. Kimora Lee is known for her height.
KA: My eyes. The way I can capture emotion through them and their unique color. 
TM:  What is your most memorable moment/experience being a model?
KA: I have to many to choose from! 
TM:  If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?
KA: I don’t just model. I am working towards my education and career. So I would be doing just that. 
TM:  What photographers have you shot/worked with? And what photographers would you like to work with?
KA: Maurice Chatman, Nick Saglimbeni, Teez, Chelsea Keenan to name a few. I would like to work with who ever would like to work with me that has talent. 
TM:  What is the most bizarre thing a guy has done to get your attention?
KA: They do all kind of crazy things from making weird noises to saying corny lines. 
TM:  What are a few activities you enjoy doing in your spare time?
KA: I take dance classes, sing, play tennis, and of course… Shop! 
TM:  Where would you most like to shoot? USA and Out of the USA
KA: Somewhere in the Caribbean. 
TM:  In regards to your fans/supporters. How can they keep up to date with you? Twitter,Facebook,etc…..
KA: Website: 

TM:  How do you feel about social sites? Are they important in your success as a model?
KA: It depends on what type of modeling someone does. If someone does modeling that requires many fans (such as glamor or promo) then they are important. 
TM:  What makes you a Fly Girl?
KA: My capability of being a sexy woman with class and education.  

Interview by @TeamScholar @Seayword
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TRUE magazine presents Oakland beauty Kara Anderson as our #FLYGIRL, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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