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TRUE Magazine Chats with FLY GIRL Danisha Marie “The Hatian Model”

@YouluvDanisha – We caught up with the beautiful Hatian model Danisha Marie for some inside scoop on how to get with her… plus more

1: How is the modeling scene in Orlando?
DM: Well to be honest there isnt much going out here in Orlando. The major opportunities are obviously in Miami,L.A, and New York.
2: I see you are in college; what is your major?
DM: Physical therapy is my minor Business management is my major.
3:  Hows the party scene out there and do you do any modeling with others on campus ( if so who& what have you shoot)
DM: The party scene is pretty much blah (lol). I don’t party in Orlando unless it’s an event that I am working,promoting or hosting.
4: As well as the beauty your getting the smarts, do you ever play dumb with the guys who ask stupid shit?
DM: I never play dumb I just can’t do it (lol)
5: Are you in a relationship with anyone at your school? ( how long if so and why not if not)
DM: Hell NO! School is school. I am solely focused on my studies not the guys.
6: As a model i know you have your hands full on choosing who you want to rock with, but do you always get what you want from the fellas or do you still have to work at it?
DM: I always get what I want when it comes to men. I am a sweetheart but I am very demanding and I always have my ground. I give respect and I make sure it’s returned. If a guy can get past my crazy,sometimes flamboyant and demanding behavior…He will LOVE me!
7: When working at it what are some of the things you do? ( if you dont have to work at it why dont you let us know what you do to have that power)
DM: Ummm well..I will get back to you guys on that one (laughs).
8. What type of guys are you into or if your into the girl thing thats cool too?
DM: I love business oriented men, a hustler, a man that’s about his Money! Educated and intelligent is an absolute must because an ignorant man is a deal breaker. Also a guy that’s funny and sweet. Laughter is the key to my heart.
9. Have you ever looked your type of guy/girl on a dating website? (if so explain the experience… if not explain why you dont like to do that)
DM: Hell dating is not for me…(lol)
10. We how bout this… TRUE magazine has a Dating website and we are trying to get the best rapper for your to date that is up to your standards. We need to know a couple of things before we have a few for you to pick?
DM: Ok i am going to just cut to the chase. If you put Fabolous, Wale and Rick Ross on the site I will be a very happy person.

11. Do you like a Pretty boy / Thug or A guy that can handle his self but dresses well ( and why) A guy that can handle his self, an all around guy.
DM: I can’t date a pretty boy because i am not going to compete with a man when it comes to looks and I can’t date a thug because my well being is very important and I don’t want to get thrown across the bedroom if i say something he doesnt like (jk…lol)
12. Height has to be be important about how tall or short and why.
DM: I love a tall man. It’s so sexy! I like to get on my tippy toes to kiss my man.
13. Do you like to do spontaneous things (why or why not)
DM: Yes I love to do spontaneous things! I am very outgoing and flamboyant it’s just how I am.
14. Do you like when i rap you some poetry or my street life (why you choose one over the other)
DM: Rap me some poetry. I love poetry, I use to write poetry almost every day.
15. Can he have a baby mama ( why or why not) but shes cool.
DM: Yes he can as long as she’s not crazy and that the relationship is absolutely done between them two.
16. A hustler in biz or the streets or a 9 to 5 guy (why you choose one over the other)
DM: A hustler in the business or streets. Working a 9-5 will have you miserable and broke. Lets think outside the box and get creative with money.
17. Light skinned guy, mixed, dark skinned or white boy (why you choose one over the other)
DM: I have no preference and it’s ignorant to date a guy based off skin color.
18. Do you like some one who is submissive or aggressive in the bed room (why you choose one over the other)
DM: Aggressive…and I will not elaborate because I want to keep this PG rated (lol)
19. Do you want a young buck or a old head (why you choose one over the other)
DM: An Old Head. I have always had a thing for older men. They are usually established,mentally developed and obviously more mature.
We will have to get back to you on who would be a good look for you ( sorry if you got a man just havin fun)
20.  I have read that you’re getting into acting what made you choose that route and is that the next level of Modeling for you?
DM: Acting and modeling goes hand in hand. It’s very cliche for a model to say “oh I want to get into acting” but it’s something that we are all eventually going to want to do. And as far as modeling I am working on some magazine features and pretty much building my brand (Empire)

DM: I have been in a few videos worked on set for some commercials and a tv show for MTV and right now I am a promotional model for a game lounge in Orlando. So if you are ever in the Orlando area and want to play video games against some sexy models in lingerie come check me out!



22. In modeling what do you want your legacy to be? Examples: Tyra Banks is known for her forehead. Naomi Campbell is known for her walk. Kimora Lee is known for her height.


DM: I want to be known as Danisha Marie “That Haitian model“.

Check out Danisha Marie on Twitter @YouluvDanisha

Interview by @Seayword

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