Crazy Stan Breaks Into Diddy’s Mansion, AGAIN!

Crazy Stan Breaks Into Diddy’s Mansion, AGAIN!

A Sean “Diddy” Combs fan got into the rap mogul’s Hamptons home, gorged on fancy food and high-end liquor and wore his finest clothes, cops said.

Quamine Taylor, 30, found an unlocked basement door at the mansion in East Hampton, N.Y., and made himself at home for nearly 24 hours before he was discovered April 1.

It was the second time Taylor got into the “Coming Home” singer’s pad. In 2001, he tried to pass himself off as Combs’ cousin when he was found intoxicated in the mansion’s pool.

This time, Taylor spun a story that he was a close personal friend and even convinced a security detail of the lie when he accidentally tripped an alarm in the mansion.

His mom said, “He grew up listening to [Diddy’s] music. He has a long history of mental illness, and he has been off his meds for a while. We have been trying to get him some help.”

Taylor said he only went to the house for some much-needed rest and planned to stay there for 15 days.

His ruse was eventually discovered at around 4:00pm local time on April Fools’ Day when a caretaker found him and called the cops.

Taylor, who is unemployed, was arraigned on trespassing and petit-larceny raps and being held in lieu of $2,000 bail. A spokeswoman for Combs declined to comment.

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