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Panama’s Reggaeton Star “Japane$e” New Hit “El Meneito”

Panamanian Reggaeton Superstar “JAPANE$E” New Hit Record “El Meneito” aka “Dutty Wine” All over the Airwaves In Panama, The Caribbeans, Mexico, Central & South America… “El Meneito” aka “Dutty Wine” will be Panama’s Annual Carnivals Headline Song Landing “Japane$e a week long Tour of Shows During The week of carnivals From February 17 to february 21st, plus following with an international tour in The USA this Summer 2012… “El Meneito”  Video Coming Soon Ft. Colombian Super Model ‘Canela Knela” from Cali, Colombia… “Japane$e” Album coming Soon “Latin Amerikaz Most Wanted” Ft. Rick Ross, Benzino, Ray J, N.O.R.E., Don Dinero & More…

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