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Sex, Hip Hop and Video Tapes with Nadia Pariss

Sexy Nadia Pariss talks Hip Hop and Porn and tells us some secrets that you can only dream of seeing!

Hello, hello Nadia Pariss, Im happy we get a chance to catch up with you, how has life been thus far?
Good, I've been keeping busy and I'm looking fwd to being featured in this issue of True*

You know your sex appeal fills the room is that always the effect you always have when you walk in a place?
(laugh’s) I try to ALWAYS have that effect as part of my job I want to make sure that I can always turn guys
on - even if I'm not naked and having sex. I want to make sure that even clothed I can make a room hot.

So you love Hip Hop and do Porn, what made you fall in love with Hip Hop and start doing porn?
I've always loved music hip hop being my favorite. I love fast up beat music that's why I've
always loved hip hop - music like that just makes me happy. And where porn is concerned I've
always been a VERY sexual girl I thought maybe it’s because I'm Spanish and Italian witch MIGHT
be the case but I love sex it’s fun and when the guy is SUPER hot it’s even better why not get
paid to do it and that’s where porn comes in.

Back in the day there was BET UnCut have you ever seen it?
I've heard of it but to say I watched it... nope (laughs) I actually don't think I watched BET
much I watched my hip hop videos strictly on MTV.

Your job is to make guys happy how do you think your doing in that field?
Yes it does, because your giving guys or at least helping them with their
fantasies your making it a lot more vivid. when they watch you in a
video I'm assuming they pretend its them which is exactly what my job is
and its my pleasure to make them and myself happy everyone wins*

A lot of video girls are on the edge of doing porn have you ever talked with
some of them and talked them into the business?
I'd never talk anyone into doing porn - so no... I mean if its something
someone wants to do then I'd probably give a girl a few tips to get started
but to say TALK THEM INTO IT - no

How many movies have you been in and which movies do you love the most?
Around 20 something - my faves are two my first one EVER called "Knock
out with Nadia" and another called "Naughty Nadia" those where my faves
because like I mentioned earlier when the guy you doing a video with is
SUPER sexy it just makes the video hotter and you can really enjoy it.

What can you say in a clean but bad way are you best at doing?
(laughs) a clean but bad way... I'm an awesome SPINNER

If you can turn out any rapper in the game who would it be?



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